Even as a child, a casual encounter with Dann Rogers might have left you with the feeling that a star was in the making.  Yet few could have foreseen the depth and breadth of the talent that would grow in this man or the power of the creativity that would make him a warm force of nature in the marketplace. 


The ability within him was fruitful early as he began writing songs that bore the earmarks of commercial hits.  At 15 his composition “My Merry Go Round” became a hit for singer Johnny Nash and was acclaimed as the “most beautiful bloody f****in’ song I’ve ever heard in my life” by none other than young Dann’s idol, the Beatles’ John Lennon.   Sure, his Dad, Lelan, was Dann’s hero and one of America’s most respected record promotion executives and his uncle Kenny, Dann’s entertainment role model, was on his way to becoming a pop music legend, but it was the message from Lennon that ignited Dann’s creative muse, ambition and drive all in one stroke.

Soon a staff writer with the likes of Johnny Nash and Bob Marley at Cayman Music, Dann Rogers began to turn out tunes at a furious pace – first for others and then for himself.   Now a writer, drummer and a guitarist (mentored by none other than Ike Turner), Dann set out to prove to himself that he too could stake out his own territory in the Pop music marketplace.  In short, he did it!

Backed by a hand-picked posse of players from across the United States, The Dann Rogers County Line took its high-energy music and showmanship from clubs to county fairs to concert halls.  Rogers’ personal warmth made every concert a house party and cultivated a continuous crop of new fans who would stick with him for the next 30 years.  Rogers gives them the credit for the success that would follow.  By then, Dann had drawn about him a growing group of “A list” collaborators including Delaney and Bonne Bramlett, Burton Cummings of the Guess Who, Michael McDonald, Norton Buffalo and Hugh McDowell of the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) among others.  His first album, “Hearts Under Fire” with International Artist Records produced a top 10 hit: “Looks Like Love Again”, and the timeless and beautiful “China” made top 20 that same year.  Soon after came a second critically acclaimed album, “Still Runnin’” with MCA Records.

A difficult period in Dann Rogers’ life detailed in his forthcoming autobiography “Love, Laughter and Rage” followed, but led him in new directions. The principal direction --- the business world.  As with his art, Dann Rogers has approached business as a man on a visionary’s quest, founding a family of firms including Wall Street West, a high-end brokerage company and Alternative Livestock Connection running them from the late 80s through the turn of the 21st Century.  Still in the field of trade, Rogers developed and ran Boardroom Traders, a luxury consulting business connecting clients for exchange of real and personal assets ranging from $10 Million to over $1 Billion.  All of this led him back to his home territory, music and entertainment, where he has put his years of cutting edge business thinking and success to work creating a paradigm-shifting business model destined to reorganize that music industry for the digital business world of the 21st Century.  FANZR™, founded in 2015, will use the same cutting edge Internet technology and social networking that brought chaos to the analogue oligarchy that was the retail entertainment industry to bring a new dimension of equity, fairness and revenue sharing to a democratized entertainment world.  FANZR™ is the future and the home of Dann Rogers’ cumulative creative vision.

Now for Dann Rogers and thousands of other artists, entertainers and celebrities, FANZR™ will be both home base and a launching pad for the next generation of creative properties and merchandise.  It all starts with the 2017 release of Rogers’ first new single in years, “Just One of Those Days”, and motion picture and video properties to appear across all media.  Even those who thought they saw a star in the young Dann Rogers may now agree their vision has been eclipsed by the super star Dann Rogers has finally become.

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